SSEN restores power to remaining Aberdeenshire homes affected by Storm Arwen

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has now tackled all reported customer faults in Aberdeenshire following Storm Arwen.

By Kevin McRoberts
Monday, 6th December 2021, 7:19 am
SSEN engineers from across the country have been involved in the massive efforts to reconnect homes in Aberdeenshire.
SSEN engineers from across the country have been involved in the massive efforts to reconnect homes in Aberdeenshire.

In all, 135,000 homes in the north of Scotland have been reconnected since the storm struck over a week ago.

Power was restored to the final few homes yesterday – nine days after the once in a generation weather event.

However, anyone still without power should call 105 as soon as possible.

Further bad weather hampered efforts to reconnect the last remaining homes to the network.

A heavy staff presence is being maintained across the affected areas to carry out remedial repairs and maintain and refuelling any mobile generators as required.

Teams will be on hand to support customers until such time as all full repairs have been carried out.

SSEN is also tracking a weather front due to bring high winds and snow to the North-east tomorrow, and remains in ‘operational status’ to deal with any issues that arise. Met Office ‘yellow warnings’ have been issued for tomorrow.

Mark Rough, Director of Operations for SSEN, said: “In the 35 years that I have worked for SSEN, I can honestly say that this is the worst storm I have ever experienced.

“The extensive damage caused to our network by Storm Arwen has been unprecedented in some areas, with the North-east region experiencing the equivalent of almost two years’ worth of overhead line faults in just one 12-hour period.

“I am fully aware of the difficult situation this has caused for many of our customers and am incredibly sorry for the length of time that some our customers have been without power.

“I know that this has been a challenging time for many, and I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while our teams battled to restore supplies.

“I’d also like to pay tribute to the hard work of my teams across Scotland and everyone who has supported us, including people from as far afield as Dorset and Dublin. They have done an amazing job in some exceptionally demanding conditions.

“This monumental effort has been supported by great collaborative working with local community groups and government agencies to ensure the safety and welfare of customers and communities.

“As we continue to work to return the network to full operational health in the coming days, we will maintain enhanced staffing levels.

“This is important as we want to make absolutely sure that we are aware of all faults on our localised network and are calling on any customers who are returning to an unoccupied property, or who have not been in contact with us and are still without power, to get in touch as soon as possible.”

Households impacted by Storm Arwen who did not have their network supply restored within 48 hours will be entitled to compensation, under guidelines set out by the regulator Ofgem.

Customers that have not had power restored after 48 hours will receive £70, and a subsequent £70 for each 12-hour period that they do not have supply thereafter.

Payments will be made by cheque by SSEN. There is no need for customers to request this, payments will be made automatically.

In addition, SSEN will reimburse all reasonable accommodation and food costs incurred and ask customers to send receipts to claim a refund to [email protected]

SSEN further enhanced levels of support and will make a further announcement early next week.