Spring clean for Peterhead town centre

Green-growth and gutter repair work being carried out in the town centre
Green-growth and gutter repair work being carried out in the town centre

Rediscover Peterhead is to begin phase two of its clean-up of the town, including green-growth and gutter repair work and removal of seagull eggs and nests on town centre roofs.

The group is working with local contractors to commence the second phase of the clean-up operation, and Sunday, April 28 will see the first week of Presly Pest Control carrying out seagull nest and egg removal which will continue weekly until mid-July.

Cleaning work at the Waverley Hotel

Cleaning work at the Waverley Hotel

Seagulls have been an ongoing issue for the town centre for several years and Rediscover Peterhead is now in its second year of gull control works.

Prior to this, Aberdeenshire Council carried out works in Drummers Corner which in total will contribute to a five-year planned project which will result in an overall reduction of seagulls in the town centre.

The costs are met through the BID levy, supported by a grant from Aberdeenshire Council’s Regeneration Fund.

BID chair, John Pascoe, said: “Last year showed positive effects from the works carried out in Spring and summer, with less nuisance gulls in the town centre throughout late summer, especially during the seafood festival in September.

“In 2018, 541 nests and 1168 eggs were removed in total and we are sure that this project will result in a safer and cleaner town centre which will be more welcoming for our customers and visitors,” he continued.

Alongside the gull removal work, town centre properties have undergone works to remove green-growth and gutter repair work.

The works were completed within a one-week period and completed on April 17 by the appointed contractor GutterZ.

“The work included carrying out repair work to properties where there has been neglected green-growth on properties and repair of any damaged gutters,” said Mr Pascoe.

“Rediscover Peterhead is working with properties occupied and vacant which will benefit from the repair work and improve the overall aesthetics of properties which will contribute to a more pleasant experience for visitors to the town centre.”

During the week, GutterZ removed in the region of 1.2 tons of waste from gutters, along with a half bottle of brandy, two tennis balls, six sections of old window frame, a household mop, an empty one-litre sparking wine bottle, several soft drinks cans, one toy arrow and six marbles.

The company also took out roughly 35 slipped slates which have been left with the property owners to use to repair their roofs.

Mr Pascoe said: “There’s been a number of conversations to offer advice on what repairs need to be carried out on buildings and also measures to take to prevent gull activity and they also carried out some urgent repairs with the owners’ consent, where the risk to the public was so significant we felt they needed immediate attention.”

As part of the town centre cleansing project, the gutter repair inspection and clearing work is part-funded by the BID levy and Aberdeenshire Council grant.

Mr Pascoe added: “There are many projects underway, and we are excited to start rolling these out in our second term.

“The clean-up projects are big projects and are just one in our business plan under the theme ‘Civic Pride and Environment’

For more information on the BID projects and business plan, please visit www.rediscoverpeterhead.co.uk/downloads.