Society on the lookout for vintage memorabilia

Elsie behind her counter
Elsie behind her counter

The Buchanhaven Heritage Society is looking to establish a new project and are looking for public support to make it a reality.

They plan to “set up shop” in an area within the Buchanhaven Community Centre to show how shops were in the 1950’s and are looking for anyone that might have suitable items to go on display that currently may be locked away in attics or garages.

Based on one local shop “Chipper” Elsie’s the shop area would carry an array of goods that would have been seen on the shelves during that period and hope that the display would bring back fond memories for visitors to the Centre.

If anyone has such items that could range from postcards to paraffin lamps or heaters to dried milk cans then they would be delighted to hear from you.

Items can either be donated or given on loan, so if you have anything tucked away that would help the project, please get in touch in the first instance via the Buchan Observer office where your details will be passed to the society.

Alex Geddes, chair of the Buchanhaven Heritage Society, said: “We really hope the public will get behind this project and hope many items locked away may once again see the light of day again and help create our “shop from the past.

“Any items would be very much appreciated, as many will know shops of that period carried a range of goods, so anything offered would be very welcome.

Alex added: “Once we get enough goods at our disposal our shop will be open for business and hope we can open this venture soon.”