Society hosts Strichen Festival

The Junior Doric Verse competitors
The Junior Doric Verse competitors

The Garioch Blend got the Buchan Heritage Society’s Strichen Festival off to a great start with a pre festival dance on Friday, May 17 with a good attendance and fine mixture of music for the dancers.

A rather dreich day on Saturday followed however once inside and listening to the competitors the day soon brightened up.

Doric Verse (9 under) winners Kaitlin Paterson and Mia McDonald

Doric Verse (9 under) winners Kaitlin Paterson and Mia McDonald

Competition numbers were up from last year including once again a large number of children taking part in the Doric Verse.

There was also a great selection of traditional music and song performed to a high standard making judging difficult.

The audience at the Prizewinners concert, led by compere Gordon Hay, were treated to an excellent evening of entertainment with a great variety of talent and tradition.

The evening ceilidh followed with music from the Garioch Blend and comperes Joe Aitken and Jim Taylor.

Bob Mitchell with the Open poetry writing plough

Bob Mitchell with the Open poetry writing plough

Sunday saw the farewell ceilidh in the Royal British Legion Hall begin with Andy Coutts on accordion, Joe and Jim compering, providing a most enjoyable afternoon session that brought an excellent weekend to a close.

In the Doric writing competition a number of new schools and new writers produced good quality and entertaining work across a wide range of topics.

There was good command of the Doric across everything from tragedy to well kennt North East humour.

The Doric writing session was hosted by Debbie Leslie, while a junior storytelling workshop was held by Joan Anderson and Jackie Ross (GAS).

The winners were as follows:

Doric Verse (9 under) - Kaitlin Paterson (Fraserburgh) and Mia McDonald (Kininmonth).

Doric Verse (12 under) - Brooke Bywalec (Auchnagatt).

Doric Verse (Intermediate) - Emily Veitch (Alford).

Doric Verse (Open) - Gordon Hay (Longside).

Story Telling (Open) - Bob Mitchell (Haddington).

Poetry Writing (10 and under) - Charlotte Fowlie (Strichen School).

Poetry Writing (11–12 years) - Leonie Chrystal (Strichen School).

Poetry Writing (Intermediate) - Aaron Jones (Kemnay).

Poetry Writing (Open) - Anne Groat (Rothienorman).

Doric Short Story (10 and under) - Connor Strachan (Meiklemill School).

Doric Short Story (11–12 years) - Jessica McBain (Burnhaven School).

Doric Short Story (Open) - Bob Mitchell (Haddington).

Diddling (Open) - Denis Shepherd (Aberdeen).

Jew’s Harp (Open) - Bill Clark (Aberdeen).

Melodeon (Open) - Aaron Clark (Drumblade) and Ian Russell (Aberdeen).

Mouth Organ (Open) - Bill Clark (Aberdeen).

Tin Whistle (Open) - Alistair Martin (Ellon).

Accordion (Junior) - Rachel Low (Keith).

Fiddle (Junior) - Stuart Veitch (Alford).

Fiddle (Intermediate) - Rhiann Matthew (Tarland).

Fiddle (Open) - Anne Mitchell (Port Elphinstone).

Fiddle (Slow Strathspey Intermediate) - Cassie Findlay (Keith).

Piano (Junior) - Sara Godinho (Ardallie).

Piano (Open) - Gordon Hay (Longside).

Groups (Intermediate) - Cassie Findlay and Rachel Low (Keith).

Groups (Open) - The Andersons (Tarland).

Bothy Ballad (Junior) - Stuart Veitch (Alford).

Bothy Ballad (Ladies) - Moira Stewart (Turriff).

Bothy Ballad (Men) - Joe Aitken (Kirriemuir).

Traditional Ballad (Junior) - Sara Godinho (Ardallie).

Traditional Ballad (Ladies) - Iona Fyfe (Huntly).

Traditional Ballad (Men) - Hector Riddell (Finzean).

Gordon and Isobel Easton Shield - Emily Veitch (Alford).

Jean Duguid Memorial Shield - Bill Clark (Aberdeen).

Kilgour Cup - Emily Veitch (Alford).

Les Wheeler Plynth - Stuart Veitch (Alford).

Robbie Shepherd Shield - Mia McDonald (Kininmonth) and Caitlin Paterson (Fraserburgh).

The Strichen Festival 2020 will be held on May 22, 23 and 24.

For more details about the festival or the Buchan Heritage Society please visit the group’s website at