Sheena calls it a day at Cancer Research

Sheena Booth is leaving her role as manager of the Peterhead Cancer Research shop
Sheena Booth is leaving her role as manager of the Peterhead Cancer Research shop

After over 27 years of service with Cancer Research UK, Peterhead shop manager Sheena Booth has decided to retire.

Recent surgery to remove a prolapsed disc on her back played a part in her decision as she finds it increasingly difficult to take on many chores within the shop.

Sheena said: “Lifting heavy donated stock upstairs was two thirds of my job.

“Over 150 bags are donated to the Cancer Research UK shop in Peterhead on a weekly basis and we were always grateful to the public for this.”

Sheena first started working for the charity back in July 1987.

She explained: “An advert in the Buchanie was asking for volunteers for a new charity shop in Drummers Corner.

“I lost my dad to lung cancer in 1979 so I wanted to help fund their research into looking for a cure.

“When area manager at the time, Joan Jack, said that we should be able to make over £600 a week we thought she’d lost her marbles, but she proved us all wrong and we continued to grow on that figure!”

During Sheena’s time at the shop she has worked with over 300 volunteers and 10 area managers.

Sadly she has also had to attend numerous break-ins and has seen the shop windows damaged a number of times.

On a brighter note, Sheena has enjoyed raising money for the charity by organising various events including their famous Bingo Teas at the Palace Hotel.

Over the years, she has held 23 Bingo Teas and raised over £33,000.

Back in 2012, Sheena was included in The Queen’s Birthday Honours List and was given a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for her voluntary service in Peterhead.

She said: “When I received my nomination I didn’t believe it and I kept saying it was a wind-up.”

Unfortunately Sheena ruptured a disc in her back in October and seeked treatment before heading down to London.

Following her operation, Sheena was left with a partial foot drop and a weakened spine so now relies on a walking stick and finds many chores difficult.

She didn’t let this get in her way and returned to work as soon as she could, however she feels now is the right time to retire.

Sheena added: “I would like to say a big thank you to the people of Peterhead, my volunteers and of course the customers.

“I have many great memories to look back on.”