Residents’ anger over lack of mobility scooter access

Peter Buyers with his mobility scooter
Peter Buyers with his mobility scooter

Residents at Cantlay Court, Cruden Bay have spoken of their anger and frustration due to a lack of facilities for mobility scooters.

They say that those who are able to go out and about are left stranded in their flats due to a lack of storage and charging facilities at the sheltered housing complex.

One resident, Peter Buyers, spoke to the Buchanie about the issue and how it has an effect on everyone at Cantlay Court.

He said: “I suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) meaning I’m on oxygen for 16 hours a day and I have Osteoporosis of the spine.

“Following a recent scan of my hip I was told I also have Osteonecrosis and I’m now on the waiting list for a hip replacement.

“I have a small scooter that I use to get from my flat to my car and I have a larger one that I use for going into town to do my shopping, but I have received so much negativity from the council - I had to write to them for permission to get my scooter and I’m not happy because there is no storage for mobility scooters here.”

He added: “After sending across the scooter’s model and measurements I was told I had to keep it in the car park.

“I phoned the council and I was so upset I was fighting for breath as I explained that this is an expensive scooter and I didn’t want to keep it there incase it was stolen or damaged, I had to save up for it for a long time as they aren’t cheap.

“You would think that as this is a sheltered housing complex, there would be a unit for scooters - this is an important issue as it is the difference between being stuck indoors all day or getting out and enjoying some freedom or just popping down the road for milk.

“It is beyond belief and I was in shock with what I was faced with.

“Before I bought my scooter the idea that I wouldn’t be allowed to keep it here never even entered my head.”

Another Cantlay Court resident, Elsie, spoke to us about the mobility scooter issue.

She said: “I have had a scooter here and I faced the same problems.

“Now I have to wait for my family to come round before I can get out.”

Elsie added: “The situation is ridiculous, a lot of people could benefit from this but there is nowhere to keep the scooters and they aren’t cheap to buy.”

Following a meeting with Peter, a spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council said: “Mr Buyers has submitted an application for permission to store his mobility scooter at the sheltered housing complex.

“Following discussions with Mr Buyers we have come to a satisfactory solution for all concerned.”