Rehoming appeal for rescue rabbits

Benjamin is looking for a new home
Benjamin is looking for a new home

The Scottish SPCA in Aberdeenshire is appealing for loving homes for the rescue rabbits in its care.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity is encouraging rehoming during its annual Rabbit Awareness Week, which runs from 10-16 August.

Graeme Innes, manager at the Scottish SPCA’s animal rescue and rehoming centre in Drumoak, said: “Since our centre opened in summer 2011, we have rehomed over 350 rabbits.

“Many of the rabbits we take in have either been abandoned or given up by their owners. Sometimes people tell us they simply don’t have the time for their rabbit any more, which is why it’s really important to think carefully before taking on any pet.

“Bizarrely, we once took a call from someone who said they wanted to give up their rabbit because it was making too much noise.

“A large number of the rabbits we rescue are found straying and never re-claimed. Unfortunately very few are ever microchipped which is a shame as this is the easiest way of reuniting pets with their owners if they do run away.”

Graeme is urging anyone interested in taking on a rabbit to consider rehoming from the charity’s rescue centre.

“We have lots of rabbits looking for good, permanent homes where they will receive the care and attention they deserve,” he said.

“Benjamin is a lovely young boy aged three months old who was the result of an escapee pet rabbit mating with a wild rabbit.

“Although domestic cross wild rabbits are often easily spooked, Benjamin is quite calm and good to handle.

“He could live as a companion to another rabbit following a successful introduction.

“Anyone thinking of taking on a rabbit is encouraged to get in touch once they have done their research and ensured they have the time, commitment and financial ability to provide these wonderful pets with a happy and healthy life.”

For more information visit or call 03000 999 999.