Put your best foot forward for challenge

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If your New Year’s fitness resolution has fallen by the wayside let the Step Count Challenge help you get back on track.

Launched by Scottish charity Paths for All, the eight week walking challenge, which kicks off on Monday, March 16, aims to encourage Aberdeenshire workers to become more active and reap the health rewards.

In 2014, 232 businesses from throughout Scotland took part in the challenge and collectively walked nearly one million miles in just eight weeks - that’s 35 times round the world!

This year the charity, which is working with social media and marketing experts at Business Gateway, hopes even more local companies will take part in the challenge.

Carl Greenwood, Development Officer, Paths for All said: “Our challenge is a great way to improve your health and fitness while having fun with your colleagues. We would encourage businesses from throughout the region to sign up as walking is the perfect way to get more active. It’s free, can be done almost anywhere and you don’t need any special equipment or lycra!”

Throughout the eight week challenge, teams will be given regular encouragement and goals to help them walk further, with the aim that they will continue to put their best foot forward long after the challenge is over.

Carl said: “There are so many benefits to walking, not only does a physically active workforce take 27% less sick days, walking actually reduces the risk of heart disease by half and lowers the risk of strokes, some cancers, type 2 diabetes and depression.”

Register online at www.stepcount.org.uk.