Puppy Kai injured in horrific attack

Four-month-old puppy Kai was seriously injured in the incident
Four-month-old puppy Kai was seriously injured in the incident

A four-month old Yorkshire Terrier puppy has been seriously injured after being thrown over a 6ft wall in Peterhead.

Distraught owner Michelle Mackie told the Buchanie about the horrific incident that took place on Sunday: “I was out in the garden letting our bunnies out to play and I was also out to feed them, Kai was out playing with them and our cat.

“I went inside for two minutes and our front door rang, it was our next door neighbour and she said my puppy was in her garden.

“I said it couldn’t be my puppy, but she said it was a Yorkie and our other neighbour was out shouting at a police officer who was on the street at the time.

“I went round and Kai was lying on the ground covered in blood.

“I scooped him up and noticed he had a lot of blood coming from his mouth but he was still breathing.”

The passing police officer called for backup and arranged for an emergency vet to come to Kai’s aid.

Michelle explained: “The vet assessed him and said he hasn’t got any breaks or fractures but they think he has neurological damage as he can’t move his back legs.

“We will have to wait and see how he is in a couple of days as the swelling still has to reduce.”

Speaking about the incident Michelle said: “I’m numb, emotional and absolutely disgusted.

“Had my neighbours not noticed someone pass their window and go out to investigate, Kai would have been left for dead.

“My wee boy is hysterical.”

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Police Scotland can confirm that a 20 year old man from the Peterhead area has been charged in relation to the incident.

“The incident which occurred near to Queen Street in Peterhead was reported to officers on patrol in the area at 12pm by the dog’s owners.

“Following a search of the local area, a man was detained by officers at approximately 12.25pm.”

PC Richard Cooper who is investigating the incident said “This appears to have been an isolated incident but has obviously left the owners of the dog very upset.

“A man has been charged in relation to this case and he is expected to appear at Peterhead Sheriff Court on Monday, March 16.”