Peterhead's Stephie is the canvas for her stunning art

The Peterhead beautician creates intricate designs on her face and body
The Peterhead beautician creates intricate designs on her face and body

A Peterhead woman has been creating stunning artwork using her own face and body as a canvas.

Stephie Johnston got bored with painting on canvas and remembering a competition she entered as a student decided in April decided to try something new.

After creating the intricate designs with face paints the 28-year-old beautician publishes the amazing results on social media and is beginning to get a following.

Stephie said: “I’ve always been interested in art and studied at Aberdeen College with the plan to because a freelance artist.

“However, it was actually from my time training to be a beautician that inspired me, I’d lost my motivation painting on a standard canvas, but remembered being up for an award that required me to paint on a model’s face so I thought I’d try that.

“I looked at my portfolio for inspiration and grabbed my make-up, as the months went on my confidence and skills improved and people seem to really like what I’m doing.

“I always share the results on social media, artists are their own worst critics so it is better just to let other people judge.

“I do think it is good that after a couple of hours I can just wash my face, it is very freeing as otherwise I’d be going back to it every two minutes ‘fixing’ it.”

Along with recreations of her own work Stephie has drawn inspiration from nature, movies and music, but has no desire to pursue a career as a make-up artist.

She said: “People ask me if I’d like to work in the film industry, but I’m happy being a beautician, this is just my hobby which I love, but I know as soon as it became a job I’d grow to hate it.

“I’d encourage everyone to have a go, there is nothing to stop you grabbing some facepaints or make-up and drawing on your face ... remember it will wash off!”

To see Stephie Johnston’s work visit ‘MakeUp with Stephie Bum’ on Facebook