Peterhead lifeboat crew to receive 'intensive' training

The Peterhead lifeboat
The Peterhead lifeboat

The RNLI has revealed that all volunteer crew in Peterhead will begin an intensive training schedule next month.

The training programme will be delivered by RNLI coxswains, who will support local volunteers in their continued training and development in the coming months.

It is hoped that the training will enable the volunteer crew to get the town's lifeboat back in action.

A spokesperson for the RNLI said: "This training programme will start in July and will ensure as many crew as possible can add to their existing skills, experience and expertise in order to take the lifeboat to sea. The training programme includes advancing some of the crew through coxswain and mechanic training.

“This will enable our charity to support the volunteer crew in order to get Peterhead Lifeboat back on service, securing a sustainable service for the local community. In the short term, though, we will aim to provide an intermittent lifeboat service from Peterhead, with on-service periods increasing in frequency as crew training and availability progresses.

“We would like to be in a position to have the Peterhead Lifeboat available for service during Peterhead’s Scottish Week, as part of the intermittent return to service, and we hope that the community will come out in force to show their support for their volunteer lifeboat crew.

“While the Peterhead lifeboat is off-service, lifesaving cover will continue to be provided by flanking RNLI stations in Fraserburgh and Aberdeen, as well as Coastguard and Harbour Authority assets.

"We are thankful to our volunteer crews at neighbouring stations both for providing this cover and for their support of the Peterhead crew, and we are very grateful to our volunteer crew in Peterhead for their continued commitment to the RNLI and for the skills they bring to providing a lifesaving service to their community."

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said: “I know the decision to suspend the service at Peterhead was not one taken easily.

“I am pleased to hear that important steps are being taken to bring the service back gradually for use on a full-time basis.

“The volunteers who give their all are dedicated and committed individuals and I would like to thank them and everyone at the RNLI for all they do.

“I would encourage everyone to come out in force and show their support during Peterhead’s Scottish Week.”