Girls to run night marathon in aid of New Pitsligo animal sanctuary

Cleo, one of the horses at Willows Animal Sanctuary
Cleo, one of the horses at Willows Animal Sanctuary

Two girls will undergo a nighttime half marathon and a 10k run to raise money for an animal sanctuary in New Pitsligo.

Stephanie McIntosh and Emily Baker will run the Illuminator Half marathon and the Peterhead 10k for Willows Animal Sanctuary - because “they have a lot of rescued mouths to feed.”

The Illuminator Half Marathon is a 15 mile trek through the rugged hill trails and pine forests of Glen Tanar with only a glow torch on your head to show you the way.

Writing on their JustGiving page, Stephanie said: “Mostly for fun, we have decided to take part in the Illuminator Half Marathon through Glen the dark.

“I’ve persuaded Emily we may aswell ask people to dig for a £1 or two to give to Willows Animal Santuary.

“Seemed fitting since we’re both a little animal daft.”

The Illuminator Half Marathon takes place on Saturday October 29 while the Peterhead 10k is in November.

To sponsor the girls visit their page