Council interested in tower’s history

Meethill Reform Tower
Meethill Reform Tower

Following a campaign on Facebook for information regarding the Meethill Reform Tower in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire Council has told the Buchanie that project officers are interested in information regarding the landmark’s history.

The council’s head of planning and building standards, Robert Gray, said: “The Meethill Reform Tower was repaired, stabilised and restored about ten years ago by the council although it is not currently operational.

“It is on our list of Historic Assets and officers from the Historic Asset Management Project will be surveying it over the summer to ensure the building remains structurally sound.

“Project officers would be interested to learn more of the history of the tower and can be contacted on 01467 628396.”

The tower was due a ‘new lease of life’ several years ago as reported by the Buchanie in 2009.

However, funding was never secured for an overhaul of the historic monument which would have included expanded car parking and disabled access.