Consultation looks at full pedestrianisation of Peterhead's Marischal Street

Full pedestrianisation is one of the future options currently being considered for Marischal Street in Peterhead.

Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 9:52 am
A consultation on the future of Marischal Street in Peterhead includes an option for full pedestrianisation. The consultation runs until June 18.

Aberdeenshire Council has launched a consultation to find out the views of businesses and the wider community over potential options for the future of the busy town centre street.

Since the opening of neighbouring Chapel Street to traffic several years ago, complaints have regularly been received around safety, with restrictions on Marischal Street often being overlooked by motorists – resulting in conflict between pedestrians and vehicles.

In light of these safety concerns, local councillors ordered a review of the traffic order, and proposals for the future of the street have been put forward for further discussion and scrutiny, including input from the public and those who work in the area.

A group comprising Aberdeenshire Council officers and elected members – supported by various stakeholders including the council’s Public Transport Unit, Stagecoach, Police Scotland, Rediscover Peterhead (BID) and Peterhead Community Council – discussed the matter and potential options to remedy the issue.

One of the proposed recommendations to come from those discussions was the full pedestrianisation of Marischal Street from Erroll Street to Chapel Street which would permanently remove all vehicular traffic from Marischal Street, 24 hours a day.

To mitigate against any potential impact on deliveries to some businesses, the council is proposing the introduction of additional measures such as designated loading bays on Erroll Street and in the Maiden Street car park.

Additional parking would also be created adjacent to Buchan House, thereby removing the current prohibition of waiting, with a build-out for traffic to slow down when entering Errol Street also being proposed.

Businesses and Peterhead Community Council are now being consulted and have until June 18 to make comment on the proposals and future mitigation measures.

To have a say on the proposals, email [email protected]

Aberdeenshire Council’s principal roads engineer for Buchan, Stewart Ingram, said: “We have had very constructive discussions with stakeholders.

"We had initially hoped to go out to consultation last year, however that was delayed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I would now encourage all businesses and interested parties to participate fully in the Marischal Street consultation, the outcomes of which will feature within the report going before members of the Buchan Area Committee later this year.”

Currently, Marischal Street remains closed to traffic until August to enable the safe completion of works on the Drummers Corner project, but the street is subject to the following traffic order:

• ‘At Any Time’ Waiting Restriction. This means no vehicles can park and wait on Marischal Street.

• ‘At Any Time’ Loading / Unloading Restriction. This means no vehicles can load or unload on Marischal Street and can only do this within the dedicated loading bays located adjacent to the Santander Bank.

• Prohibition of Driving. There is prohibition of driving on the entire length of Marischal Street between the hours of 11am and 4pm. This means no vehicles are permitted to drive on Marischal Street within this timeframe.