Cautious welcome for North-east accident statistics

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North-east transport officials have given a cautious welcome to the content of Transport Scotland’s Reported Road Casualties 2018 statistical publication.

The document reveals that when comparing north-east totals in 2018 against the average seen between 2018 and 2018, reductions have been achieved for most categories of collisions and casualties which continues the general downward local trend seen over the past decade.

Ewan Wallace, Head of Transportation at Aberdeenshire Council and chair of Road Safety North East Scotland (RSNES), said: “The figures released are generally positive and continue to show the general downward trend we’ve been experiencing across the north east for both reported injury road collisions and casualties.

“Looking back to a decade ago in 2009, the annual number of north east reported road casualties for all levels of injury stood at 1,673.

“Over the ten-year period 2009-2018, the figure has fallen to 572, a 66% reduction, however, we feel there is still scope for this total to reduce further.

“The unfortunate fact remains that most collisions and the resultant casualties are due to human error.

“This can arise from a momentary lapse in concentration through to very poor driving decisions, however, the consequences can be identical – family tragedies and lives changed forever.

Rab Dickson, acting firector at NESTRANS - the Regional Transport Partnership for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire added: “The sustained reductions seen in local road collisions can only be viewed as a positive outcome for the north east.”