Cat rescued from Peterhead beach

An abandoned cat was found by a Peterhead man on Monday, tied up in a recycling box on the rocks at the beach.

Corey Munro found the scared male feline trapped inside the box which had been sealed with a cable tie.

Corey Munro with the rescued cat

Corey Munro with the rescued cat

Mr Munro, who previously worked in an animal rescue centre, was on his way home from a friends house on the look out for an injured seagull he had been told about.

It was then he heard a noise coming from the box,

“I thought it was the seagull and that somebody had put the bird in the box.” Said Corey.

“I used a rock to open the box then the cat jumped out, it was obviously very scared.

“I’ve heard about these sort of things before but had never seen anything like it until now.”

Corey is hoping to hear from the owner of the cat, who he is calling Tiger for the mean time, but if no one comes forward he is happy to look after it himself.

After finding the moggy, Corey reported it to the SPCA.