Call for Buchanhaven aquarium to stay in boat shed

The Save the Aquarium campaigners have called for the aquarium to remain in its current location at Buchanhaven Boat Shed.

Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 8:26 am
Save the Aquarium campaigners have called for a way to be found for the aquarium to continue to operate from Buchanhaven Boat Shed.

Their call follows the offer from the Buchanhaven Harbour Board of Trustees to donate the fish tank to the campaign group if it could find a new home for the aquarium.

Roy Ritchie and Joseph Yule, on behalf of the Save the Aqurium petitioners, have now responded to the trustee’s offer to remove and relocate the Buchanhaven Aquarium away from its present location in the Buchanhaven Boat Shed.

In a statement, they said: “We have spoken at great length with other interested parties, including the petitioners, charity members, Macduff Aquarium, Fish Tank Fabrication (the company that built the aquarium), residents of Buchanhaven, volunteers, local councillors and Aberdeenshire Council.

“We have listened to all the comments and advice and it has become clear that the preference and expectation would be for the aquarium to remain in and continue to operate in the Buchanhaven Boat Shed.

“There are no problems with the tank or the present location which cannot be resolved with good will on all sides and everyone working together.”

Mr Ritchie and Mr Yule have requested that chairman Alex Donaldson, secretary Christopher Duffus, treasurer Alex Norris and the other trustee s reconsider their decision not to operate this amazing attraction where it is now, in a building right at the heart of the Village of Buchanhaven.

They added: “We are convinced that the best option going forward is for the Buchanhaven Harbour Trustees to re-open the Buchanhaven Aquarium in the Buchanhaven Harbour Boatshed.

"There is much support for that in the village, all the volunteers and assistance required to run the aquarium is still being offered to the trustees free of charge and we hope they take us up on our offer.”

The trustees have previously stated that the aquarium would be too costly to operate and they would not be in a position to reopen the facility.