Big step in recovery of Blue Toon youth

Dylan Parson has come on leaps and bounds since his surgery
Dylan Parson has come on leaps and bounds since his surgery

The mother of a Peterhead youngster has spoken about her joy in seeing her son making strides on his road to recovery.

Blue Toon boy Dylan Parsons travelled to the United States for surgery to treat a form of cerebral palsy known as spastic diplegia last year.

And his mother, Jenna, has spoken about the elation at seeing her four-year-old son ride a bike for the first time.

Dylan was able to travel to America for surgery after a huge fund raising campaign grossed more than £50,000. Dr Tae S. Park performed the surgery at St Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri.

Having previously faced the prospect that her son would have to spend his entire life in a wheelchair, she said: “This is something we would have never imagined could happen before the operation.

“Dr Park is happy with the progress Dylan has made and we always keep him up-to-date with videos of how Dylan is doing.

“Dylan does as many activities as possible and it’s all about making things fun for him.”

The campaign, Step Up for Dylan, saw a wave of support from the community.

Many local businesses and institutes rallied together in the their support of Dylan.

Among those that contributed to the fund were: female gym Curves; representatives of the Asco Drivers and Friends; pupils of Peterhead Academy; Clerkhill school, and Peterhead Boxing Club.

And there was a Sportman’s Dinner which featured Aberdeen FC legend Joe Harper.

Spastic diplegia, known as Little’s Disease, manifests an especially high and constant tightness or stiffness in the muscles to a debilitating extent.