Beasts, beards and beavers chase TV Toon man

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A Peterhead man appeared on hit TV game show The Chase on Monday night with his mind set on a dream holiday to Las Vegas.

Carl Jones went up against ‘The Beast’ Mark Labbett after securing an impressive £7,000 in the opening questions, before falling at the final hurdle.

Labbett had offered Carl £42,000 to take a step closer to the chaser but the Marine Scotland worker opted for the middle amount.

Carl said: “I’d like to have another go.

“I really wanted to go for the bigger amount but I was trying to play it safe.”

The Chase started well with Carl answering a questions correctly on Hugh Grant films before becoming stumped at one of the odder questions to ever appear on the quiz show.

Host Bradley Walsh asked: “An early 20th century game required players to shout ‘beaver’ every time they saw a man with a what?”

With three choices to pick from the bearded Carl plucked for ‘C. Wig’ only to find out the answer was ‘B. Beard’

Carl said: “As soon as I got it wrong I knew that question was going to come back to haunt me.”

Fighting on though Carl managed to get himself down to the final question regarding the population of American cities - where his knowledge of Robocop hindered rather than helped him.

Carl said: “The population thing was in Robocop and I just thought that it couldn’t be the same now as it was back then.”

Filmed back in April, Carl had kept his appearance on the game show a secret to all but a few family members giving those who knew him a shock on Monday night.

Carl said: “I didn’t tell anyone so as soon as it came on my phone just started buzzing.”

He added: “It didn’t really feel like a big deal, I wasn’t like someone on Big Brother, I was just on a quiz show for ten minutes.”

Carl hopes it’s not his last appearance on a TV quiz show however as he would like to have a go on Pointless.