Battling it out for best in show

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The ever popular dog show and cat show during Peterhead Scottish Week attracted hundreds of entrants to the town’s Rescue Hall and community centre.

Cat owners were first to show off their fancy felines when the cat show was held in the Rescue Hall.

Kitten winner Blue

Kitten winner Blue

Moggies battled it out in a variety of classes with the results as follows:

Kitten - 1 Zara Duthie with Blu (Maine Coon); 2 Morag Kuc with Jimmy (Ginger non-ped), 3 Angela Oates with Raine (non-ped).

Adult - 1 Samantha Duthie with Diesel (Maine Coon), 2 Ariana Helm with Jasmin (Siamese), 3 J. McIntosh with Blue (Maine Coon).

Veteran - 1 Jennifer Wilson with Scooby (DSH), 3 Denise Donaldson with Jock (DSH), 3 J. McINtosh with Yoko (Maine Coon).

Bonniest eyes - 1 Lynn Junior with Ellie, 2 Neil Willox with Ted (Ragdoll), 3 Jasmin with Monster (Bengal).

Pedigree - 1 Zara Duthie with Blu (Maine Coon), 2 Neil Willox with Ted (Ragdoll), 3 Alexa Wilson with Chewie (British Blue Short Hair).

Unusual markings - 1 Regina with Archibald (Persian), 2 Dian with Shadow, 3 Regina with Lisa (Persian).

Judges’ choice - 1 Lynn Junior (Ellie), 2 Zara Duthie (Blu), 3 Samantha Duthie (Diesel).

It was then the turn of the dog owners to show off their perfect pooches at a hotly contested dog show held in the Rescue Hall.

Around 100 dogs competed in the now traditional Scottish Week event with the results as follows:

Fancy dress - 1 Michael Stewart and Janessa Chalmers with Duke and Hugo (French Bulldogs), 2 Alison McGee with Angus (Yorkie), 3 Charlene Noble with Honey Boo Boo (English Bulldog).

Junior handler - 1 Katie Harris with Belle (Labrador), 2= Carlene Campbell with Archie (Blue Great Dane), Damon Holloway with Penny (Pug), 3 Moira Bremner with Ben (Labrador).

Puppy - 1 George Blackwood with Brodie (Springer), 2 Brenda Bruce with Gino (Greyhound), 3 Rae Milne with Marlee (Cocker Spaniel).

Veteran - 1 Carol Gover with Mylo (Cocker Spaniel), 2 Nicola Buchan with Oscar (Collie), 3 Jamie Mapston with Max (Cocker Spaniel).

Pedigree small - 1 Helen Noble with Junior (Pomeranian), 2 Cameron and Hunter Kinnear with Harris (Scottish Terrier), 3 Richard Knight with Abby (Bichon).

Pedigree large - 1 Ethan Wilson with Oska (Samoyed), 2 Kris Brown with Mario (St. Bernard), 3= Adele Stephen with Bailey (Bull Mastiff), Charlene Campbell with Archie (Great Dane).

Non-pedigree - 1 Michael Cordiner with Ollie (cross), 2= Nicola Buchan with Oscar (Border Collie), Wendy Marr with Alfie (Cava Poo), 3= Kayleigh Bruce with Buddy (Morkie), Brenda Bruce with Gino (Greyhound).

Waggiest tail - 1 Mary Ann Strachan with Roxi (English Springer), 2 Carly O’Brien with Barney (King Charles), 3 Monica Donaldson with Fergus (Golden Retriever).

Best in show - George Blackwood with Brodie.

Best in show reserve - Katie Harris with Belle.

Organisers at both events were delighted with the excellent turnout and have expressed thanks to everyone who competed and to all the sponsors.