Author appeals for assistance

A picture of the crash at Longside
A picture of the crash at Longside

A north east author is appealing for Buchanie readers who have recollections of an incident at RAF Peterhead (Longside) to get in touch.

Alan Stewart is researching information for his second book about World War Two in the area.

The incident in question happened on November 8, 1944 at 7.15pm.

A Halifax bomber on a training mission landed at Longside to close an escape hatch that had opened in flight.

The Pilot was Royal Candian Airforce Flying Office Norman McHolm.

Alan said: “The aircraft, on take off developed a probelm with one of the port engines that cause the aircraft to veer to port.

“From recollections of the event the aircraft went through a stone wall, grove of trees and through a stream before coming to a halt. The aircraft then burst into flames and the only casualty was that Norman McHolm suffered facial and back injuries.

“He was transferred to the navel Hospital at Kingseat near Newmachar before going to the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead for new groundbreaking facial surgery.

“He went on to fly missions in 1945 including one where his aircraft was reported missing but was later found that they had crash landed in France and were all safe.

“I have copies of the RAF Station log on the date, as well as a few other bits of information from the national archives.

“What I would like is perhaps an eye witness who perhaps saw where the aircraft crashed and was later removed from.”

If you can help email