Adventures await at Toon woodland

Brave Outdoors Community Woodland project manager Lewis Swales
Brave Outdoors Community Woodland project manager Lewis Swales

Thrill seekers are invited along to the Brave Outdoors Community Woodland to try out some new activities and events.

One of the recently launched activities includes the ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ survival course which is suitable for those aged 12 years and over.

The unique puzzle-based outdoor escape room will test your powers of deduction and survival skills to the max – can you secure safe extraction for you and your team?

Lewis Swales, project manager now based at the Woodland, said: “The survival course was built with the help and support of a local volunteer who has a background in the armed forces and outdoor activities.

“Together we aimed to create something that could benefit people of all ages and get them outdoors on a healthy team building experience.”

Other activities include bushcraft courses, teambuilding events, campcraft, fire skills, shelter building and kite flying.

Lewis added: “If you like the outdoors, then the Woodlands probably has something for you – the only limit being your imagination.”

The Community Woodland was taken on by the ‘Brave Outdoors’ group earlier this year.

Dave Skinner, chair of the Brave Outdoors said: “There are exciting times ahead for the community to be involved in an adventure which is bespoke to the area, and we are keen to develop a range of facilities for community use as well as to bring together a wide and diverse programme which is now being rolled out to the community.”

For details call Lewis on 07875 466327, email or visit the facebook page ‘The Brave Outdoors’.

The Brave Outdoors is a not for profit organisation with all proceeds raised reinvested into projects which benefit the community.