Abandoned cat finds new home with rescuer

Corey Munro found the cat on Peterhead Beach in February
Corey Munro found the cat on Peterhead Beach in February

The Peterhead man who found a young cat abandoned and tied up in a box on Peterhead beach has decided to keep the kitty after nobody came forward to claim it.

Corey Munro, who discovered the cat trapped inside the box, which was sealed with cable ties, had said he would look after “Tiger” if nobody came forward but has since found out a change of name is required.

“We found out the cat was actually a girl.” Said Corey who has now renamed the feline “lilly”.

“The SSPCA came back to see her and that was when I found out it was a female.”

Both Corey and the SSPCA were eager for someone to come forward about the cat to find out how it had come to be tied up inside the box.

But since her traumatic event Lilly has adjusted into her new home.

“She’s made herself at home now and seems happy enough.

“We have another cat in the house, Amber, and the two are getting along just fine now.”

The incident occurred early in February as Mr Munro, who previously worked in a animal rescue centre, was on his way home from a friend’s house and keeping an eye out for an in jured seagull he had been told about.

For any concerns about animal cruelty please contact the SSPCA at their animal helpline on 03000 999 999.