A year of change for Heritage Society

Buchanhaven Community Centre, Peterhead
Buchanhaven Community Centre, Peterhead

Buchanhaven Heritage Society is about to burst into Spring in spectacular fashion with some great projects to start off the year.

Early next month the consultation phase of the society’s ‘Identity’ project will get underway, with society members working with some key professionals supported by local residents and visitors to the centre.

Alex Geddes, social regeneration officer for the Here For You partnership

Alex Geddes, social regeneration officer for the Here For You partnership

The consultation will be the start the process to find a tartan unique to the area, a new pipe tune dedicated to Buchanhaven and the creation of its very own blend of whisky.

At various events experts will be on hand to see what colours and flavours visitors associate with the area ahead of detailed work commencing on producing the final product.

This should be completed and the finished products ready for launch by late Summer.

Meanwhile, the society’s new pipe tune will be composed by two local talented pipers.

The conclusion of all three elements will see an official launch event that will hopefully act as the catalyst for an annual music festival.

The society is excited about such an exciting venture and hope the finished product will do the area justice.

At the end of April the team’s annual Spring Fair will take place with this year’s theme being ‘Pirates and Princesses’ .

This year’s event will be featuring not only on art, crafts and performing arts, but will be very child focused in many ways.

Early indications are it will be a great day for family and friends, while supporting the centre refurbishment fund and only the start of great things happening again in Buchanhaven.

The society will release more detailed plans soon, but hopes the whole community will get behind the projects and events for 2015 as it has done in the past.

Society chair, Alex Geddes, said: “2015 looks set to be one of the most exciting since we formed in 2012 and I hope everyone will contribute to the tartan design and other elements of the project.

“We will soon launch our events calendar for 2015, but early indications highlight a year of change in many things we do, as we believe we need to re-invent ourselves constantly to retain the interest of our visitors and our ‘identity’ project is one of the most exciting we have undertaken,” he added.