Paving options investigated

INVESTIGATIONS are continuing into what sort of paving should be laid in Peterhead’s town centre after plans for tar on the main thoroughfare were criticised by members of Peterhead Community Council.

The community council had learned that funding was available for the upgrade of pavements on Queen Street but had hoped that the pavements would be re-laid with granite slabs similar to those in Broad Street.

However, the local authority told members that the plan was to tar the pavement - a suggestion which was met with criticism - and the council was asked to re-look at the situation.

At its meeting in Peterhead on Wednesday, the community council was told by Cllr Alan Gardiner that he had asked the council for costings for the granite paving as opposed to tar.

“There had been no consultation on the matter so I spoke to the roads department to get prices for the pavements to be done in the same material as Broad Street and it was astronomical,” he said.

“Concrete paving slabs were then looked at and the price for these was considerably closer to the tar price.”

Cllr Gardiner showed members pictures of similar slabs which are present in the centre of Turriff, and added that concrete slabs had previously been laid in Chapel Street prior to pedestrianisation.

“At the moment this is an option to the granite. It may still be possible to go ahead with the granite if funding can be found,” he said.

Community council secretary said that the consultation process was important and letters had gone out to all businesses on Queen Street seeking their views on the matter.

“We have received quite a positive feedback and we have received a great response as to what we are doing,” he said.

Cllr Anne Allan added that as it was the key street in Peterhead it was important to make the right decision - even if it meant doing one side of the road at a time.