Pauline thanks ARI for support

Family kept me going: Pauline says she wouldn't be where she is today without the help of her husband Martin and children, Kirsty and Stuart.
Family kept me going: Pauline says she wouldn't be where she is today without the help of her husband Martin and children, Kirsty and Stuart.
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A BUCHAN woman has shown her appreciation to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary after they aided her recovery following a serious traffic accident.

Pauline Norrie was left with severe head injuries last year after she collided with a transit van on the Newburgh to Aberdeen road. Emergency services at the time were doubtful that she would make it through to Aberdeen.

She spent six weeks in a coma and a total of four months in hospital, being moved from intensive care to ward 40 and then on to various recovery units.

Speaking about the accident Pauline told the Buchanie: “It was a Monday night and I was on my way through to Aberdeen in my Fiesta. Everything else is a complete blank and I’m lucky to be here today.”

Pauline has spent the past year being told pieces of information about the crash from various sources, and will never be entirely sure of what happened that Monday night.

Along with her husband Martin, son Stuart (16), and daughter Kirsty (10), Pauline was due to fly to Disneyland Paris the following Sunday for a week to celebrate her 40th birthday and Kirsty’s 9th birthday, but the trip had to be cancelled.

“We had booked it about five or six months beforehand and it was a holiday we were all really looking forward to. Maybe we’ll go next year though, when I’m fully recovered,” she said.

As the months have passed, Pauline feels she’s coming on well with her recovery and recently began driving again after Martin gave her some encouragement.

“After the accident I surrendered my licence. But Martin later organised some driving lessons to get my confidence up again. He got me a Jeep, so it’s much safer than the old car. I’m not as confident as I used to be but I’m getting there.

“If it wasn’t for Martin and my two children I would have struggled with the recovery. There wasn’t a day that Martin wasn’t by my bedside and he had to take time off his work to help me at home.

“Kirsty helped me get dressed in the morning and encouraged me every day, and Stuart pushed me on. He has cerebral palsy so needs help as well. He motivated me to get better so I could do the things I used to.”

Pauline was supposed to celebrate her 40th birthday on July 31 last year. The celebrations had to be postponed, so on July 30 this year, family and friends got together to celebrate the special birthday she missed.

“Everyone came along and we raised money through raffles and a donation box. Kirsty took part in the X Factor at Scottish Week so she asked everyone to pay a pound on the night and she sang Hallelujah, by Alexandra Burke.

“It was a great night, and a chance to show my thanks to family, friends and neighbours for all of their support since the accident, there were many local businesses who donated as well and we are thankful of their support.”

The birthday night raised £1,732 and the cheque was presented to neurosurgeon Dr Camel, the money raised was split between the intensive care unit and ward 40 at ARI.