Parents “disgusted” at theft of grave gifts

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THIEVES have once again targeted a baby’s graves at the Grange Cemetery in Peterhead.

Caroline and Richard Best say they were “shocked and saddened” to discover gifts had gone missing that had recently been laid at their baby daughter’s headstone.

Items including a flowerpot, an angel, and several ornaments appear to have been stolen from the grave within the last fortnight, the couple claim.

Mrs Best told the Buchanie that it was “disgusting” to think that a person could stoop so low as to steal gifts laid down for loved ones.

“The ornaments have been there a while, and they are heavy so it’s not as if they could have been blown over in the wind,” she said.

“It’s terrible to think that you can’t even place things at the grave for your loved ones without worrying that they might get stolen.

“I don’t know who could be so low as to steal gifts from a grave,” she added.

Mr Best, a local taxi driver, said: “There were around four or five ornaments altogether. It was things that relatives of ours had collected and it was awful to find they went missing. We just don’t know who could be capable of this.”

The news comes a few months after the Buchan Observer reported a similar crime carried out on a gravestone within the same cemetary.

Peterhead couple, Richard and Leigh Forman, fell victims to thieves who appeared to have taken several items from their baby son’s gravestone on Halloween. The items stolen included a Halloween lantern, gifts, and flowers.