Owner’s anger after pet attacked in street

Injuries from the attack are still visable on Monica Stephen's beloved chow chow, Magnum
Injuries from the attack are still visable on Monica Stephen's beloved chow chow, Magnum
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A PETERHEAD dog owner has spoken of her anger after her pet was attacked by another dog outside her own front gate on the town’s Forman Drive.

Monica Stephen and her beloved companion Magnum received injuries when a neighbour’s dog escaped and attacked.

The incident took place on Thursday, April 4 as Monica was about to take Chow Chow, Magnum, out for a routine walk.

The pair were attacked by a strong Staffie/Pitbull cross, so much so, the attacking dog’s owner took three attempts to get it away.

Monica said: “The owner lives a few doors down and at the time, nipped inside for something - that is when the dog jumped the dyke and attacked.”

Magnum had to get stitches all the way down his right ear and bite marks are still visable. After receiving treatment, vets think he may have nerve damage.

The dog also hurt Monica. She has a crushed finger after the dog bit through it.

She too has visible bite marks and had to get around 12 paper stitches to her arm and leg. She may have possible nerve and tendon damage to her left wrist.

Monica admits the attack has left her and Magnum shaken but they are slowly beginning to get back to normal: “The first days afterwards I wouldn’t go out with him.

“I took him out to Neishies just up the road and he saw a Staffie outside so he immediately began to back away, probably because he thought it would attack.

“He is fine now but I still don’t feel safe until we are back inside and the doors are closed.”

The dog that attacked is still living nearby though it must be on a lead and muzzled at all times, something Monica doesn’t agree with.

“The Dog Wardens say that is protecting the public but in my mind that is not enough,” she said.

“If the dog had gone for Magnum’s neck, I am certain he would not be here anymore. Now we just have to accept this happened and move on.”