Overturned lorry causes traffic disruption

A lorry carrying fish discards overturned at the Kirk Street roundabout in Peterhead on Wednesday, August 27.

As a result, drivers faced a slight delay when passing through the area.

The overturned lorry at Kirk Street, Peterhead

The overturned lorry at Kirk Street, Peterhead

The Buchanie understands that the driver was not injured.

Police were present at the site to control the steady flow of traffic.

Local resident Douglas McRobbie witnessed the incident, he told the Buchanie: “The driver wasn’t going fast, it just tipped over almost in slow motion.

“The lid burst open and the fish discards slid out over the pavement, hedge and grass outside my flat.”

He added: “This is the second time I have seen something like this happen.

“The first incident happened in the late 60’s while I was at the bus stop waiting to catch a bus to Aberdeen.

“The same thing happened at the exact same spot.”