Out of this world

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<Digimax D53>

BUCHAN looked skyward on Sunday night as magical rainbow-coloured clouds drifted over the area.

The rare nacreous clouds - captured on film at Boddam by reader Elaine Campbell - result from a chemical reaction some 50 miles above the Earth.

The shimmering formation may have enthralled local folk but they make for worrying reading as they are created as a result of climate change and the build-up of greenhouse gases.

Increased levels of methane in the atmosphere reacts with ozone to form chlorine - a side-effect being the colourful clouds.

Known to prompt calls from worried watchers thinking they could be UFOs or military actions, the high altitude of the formations coupled with the curvature of the surface of the Earth mean the clouds receive sunlight from below the horizon and reflect it to the ground, shining brightly well before dawn or after dusk.

Thanks to all our loyal readers who sent in pictures of this wonderful encounter high above Buchan.