Officers head south for Olympic duty

Grampian Police Assistant Chief Constable Billy Gordon has heralded a “once in a lifetime” chance for Grampian officers as they prepare to deploy to the Olympics.

Over 57 days, 107 Grampian officers will go to London to assist the Metropolitan Police and Dorset Police with their arrangements.

The commitment of the Force varies each day, but in total around 107 individual officers from Grampian, all on a voluntary basis, will contribute to keeping the Games safe and secure.

While the majority of officers travelling to police the Games are general beat officers, providing their usual professional service and working alongside the public, there is also a requirement for some specialist skilled officers to assist.

Grampian will also be lending its expertise from the public order section and dog unit to assist with this complex operation.

Assistant Chief Constable Billy Gordon said: “This is a real opportunity for our officers to take part in a piece of history and to be recognised on a national level for the professionalism they demonstrate in the North-east on a day-to-day basis.

“I know our officers will be a credit to our Force and will help to ensure that the Games passes safely and enjoyably”.

Grampian Police has adopted a range of measures to maximise the number of officers available to assist with the Games but also to continue policing across the force area.

With restrictions to annual leave and postponing of non-essential training, the abstractions to the Olympics will have no impact on the policing of the North-east.

Mr Gordon said: “Like other forces, we have taken measures to maximise the number of available officers so we can support the Games, while continuing to deliver our core policing service to keep communities safe.

“We have limited abstractions by restricting annual leave, postponing non-essential training and amending some officers’ working arrangements”, he added.