Officer delivers positive report at community council

Police Scotland officer.
Police Scotland officer.

Police Scotland delivered their monthly report at a recent meeting of Peterhead Community Council.

Constable Matthew Roger delivered the report, saying that there was largely good news since the previous meeting.

The Police Constable said that shop-lifting was down compared to the previous month - and that shop watch radios had made a positive difference in this regard.

Constable Roger added that house break-ins were also down and the recent drug raids in Peterhead and Boddam had been very positive and effective.

Following the report, community councillors had the opportunity to ask questions on policing matters.

Among the issues raised was police numbers in the town, with Constable Roger saying there are approximately 20 police officers in Peterhead.

Concerns were also raised about the possibility of the North and Aberdeen police divisions being merged, and whether this could result in fewer police officers.

The recent fire at Northbay Pelagic was also highlighted by community councillors, who praised the emergency services for their work during and after the fire.

Community Councillor Stephen Calder - who was evacuated from his home during the disaster - said he could not praise the Police highly enough for their professionalism during the blaze.