North Woods house plan seeks approval

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A Fraserburgh building firm is seeking full planning consent for the erection of 86 houses at North Woods in Mintlaw.

An application from Colaren Properties Ltd, will go before members of the Buchan area committee on Tuesday, with a recommendation of approval.

The development represents the first phase of building on the North Woods site on the outskirts of the village.

The application comprises of a mix of one-and-a-half and one and two- storey homes with a 70/30 split in terms of housing types between detached and semi detached/terraced properties respectively.

The development also includes the associated internal road which is to be accessed via two points on the A952.

Councillors will hear that there have been six letters of objection received, raising a number of issues including concern at loss of woodland and green space in Mintlaw and the suitability of the road network given the extra houses involved.

However, the council’s head of infrastructure services, Stephen Archer, told members that changes to the original application had positively impacted on the standard of development, in particular an increase in non-detached housing and amendments to design.

“The layout is good and the site is well connected to the settlement and broadly complies with the statements made within the masterplan document,” he says.

“As such it is recommended that the application be approved as the first phase of the North Woods development.”

Conditions have been placed on the applicant, should approval be granted including their entering into a legal agreement regarding planning gain and affordable housing provision.

Colaren must also provide detailed landscaping plans including a management/maintenance and planting programme,

The company must also providing full details of construction/lighting for pedestrian/cycle connections to Mintlaw along the A952 for agreement with roads/landscape services,