No sign of the lines in Toon

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Peterhead business’ have hit out at the council’s decision to remove double yellow lines from a town street as “an accident waiting to happen.”

Double yellow lines have been removed from both sides of Maiden Street and a disabled parking bay has been added close to the street corner.

Askar Ali, owner of Cut Cost Carpets on Maiden Street, said: “It’s just common sense, it’s coming up to Christmas and people will park here because they can’t get enough parking in the town centre.

He added: “It’s just an accident waiting to happen.”

The new parking measures means that two cars are now unable to pass each other on the road at the same time.

An employee at Michael Lawson Painters & Decorators on Maiden Street, said: “I can’t see if there’s a car coming, I have to edge out because they’re parking up both sides and I can’t see.”

They added: “Trying to get our vans in and out has become very difficult.”

The changes on Maiden Street are the result of a Traffic Management Review and public consultation carried out in Peterhead last year where various options were looked at to try and increase parking in the town.

The new road markings in Maiden Street are on a trial basis

Philip McKay, Head of Roads and Landscape Services, said: “This will change the traffic-flow on the street, and we would ask motorists to be aware of the changes and drive accordingly.

“Over the coming weeks, our road safety team will carry out a routine post-installation assessment to see if any further adjustments are required.”