‘No decision’ on Ugie future

'No decision' has been taken over the future of Peterhead's Ugie Hospital say health chiefs.
'No decision' has been taken over the future of Peterhead's Ugie Hospital say health chiefs.

Health chiefs have said ‘no decision’ has been made on the future of a Peterhead Hospital after speculation mounted that it was closing.

Peterhead residents fear that the Ugie Hospital on the town’s Ugie Road is facing complete closure, following its partial shut-down several years ago.

The facility caters for mainly elderly patients who are unlikely to be able to return to their homes, and specialises in services such as Alzheimer’s care, providing psychogeriatric services.

A section of the hospital was closed a few years ago, but townsfolk now fear that the rest will follow.

Councillor Stephen Calder told the Buchanie: “Both as a councillor and a local historian I would of course be sad to see a hospital close which has served the community well for 110 years.

“It is of course a matter for the Health and Social Care services to decide how best to provide these services in a manner which best serves the local community into the future, and they must take into account modern requirements.”

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership said: “Ugie Hospital continues to serve communities across the north of Aberdeenshire well.

“As we look ahead to the future provision of health and social care services in the area we want to make sure people receive the right care, at the right time, in the best place for them.

“There are challenges with the current Ugie Hospital, most notably around meeting regulatory requirements.

“This will form part of our decision making, as will the proposed new Care Village and the expansion of our successful Virtual Community Wards.

“No decisions have been made and we are at the very early stages of assessing health and social care provision across the north of Aberdeenshire. We will obviously be consulting with local stakeholders and communities as part of this process.”