New project for Heritage Society

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Following discussions at recent events and release of the Visit Buchanhaven brochure, the Buchanhaven Heritage Society have the basis for their first major project of 2015 that will look at the “identity” of the area.

The original village of Buchanhaven has a rich heritage based in the fishing communities that surround the NE shores, however local feedback related to far more in relation to its Scottish roots and the project will now look at designing its own tartan, pipe tune and own blend of malt whisky all to represent “Bonnie Buchanhaven”.

Supported by experts in the three fields, the project will start by examining what all aspects mean to the local residents before the design and delivery phases start, with the outcomes being delivered at different times throughout 2015.

As part of the group’s tourism drive they hope this will generate further interest in the area and increase the footfall to local businesses thus supporting not only their social regeneration, but also their economic responsibilities.

Alex Geddes, chair of the society, said: “This shows true neighbourhood planning as a way forward for any area that has the energy and enthusiasm to change things for the better.”