New Pitsligo WRI

The February meeting of New Pitsligo WRI was opened by Mrs Daphne Torrie. Business was discussed and the minutes were read to members.

Daphne then introduced Elaine Lindsay from Inverurie who was to show members examples of straw work.

Elaine told the group how she got interested in her craft and how there was so much more to it than the traditional corn dolly. She brought along many items from the traditional corn dolly to broaches, wedding horse shoes and explained how her hobby has taken her overseas as well as commissions for fashion shoots.

Refreshments were then served and Elaine kindly judged the competitions.

Lady’s knitted top: 1 Daphne Torrie, 2 Sheila Joss, 3 Moira Murray.

Invitation card for a cheese and wine party (no computer work): 1 Sheila Joss, 2 Daphne Torrie.

The raffles were then drawn and Mrs Gary Greig gave the vote of thanks and brought a very enjoyable evening to a close.