New Inverugie home planned

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BUCHAN planners will today (Tuesday), decide whether or not to grant full planning permission for the erection of a house and garage at Meadowbank, Inverugie.

An application from Mr and Mrs L. Penney of Henderson Park, Peterhead, will go before members of the Buchan area committee when they meet in Peterhead later.

The couple are seeking consent for the new house on a site which is currently a grassland area located to the west of a group of 13 houses within the Inverugie area.

The house proposed is a modern bungalow with integral garage and is to be finished in white render and grey roof tiles.

In a report to go before today’s meeting, planning officer David MacLennan says the main issue to be discussed is the principle of development, while the design and siting of the house must also be considered.

“In this instance the proposed development is a borderline case as there is some connectivity between the adjoining properties at Meadowbank and Iona

with the larger group of 11 houses surrounding the junction on the public road to the east,” he says.

“Although separated by a watercourse there is some visual connectivity and the proposed site could be considered as forming part of a larger group of 13 houses. As such and given that the proposed house will be located between two properties I am satisfied that the principle of a house on the site could be supported on this case.

“The site itself occupies a fairly prominent position within the landscape adjacent the public road and the proposed house is a modern suburban style bungalow. The design is poor and in no way reflects the rural site or the surroundings. It is accepted that there are a mixture of house types and styles within Inverugie including a number of bungalow style properties however many of these are individually designed properties and these properties located to the east are located fairly close

together along the public road.

“This house would be viewed on its own from some viewpoints and would appear out of keeping with its surroundings in terms of both its bland suburban design and bright finish. The design is similar to many bungalows found on modern housing estates and would adversely impact upon what is an attractive rural landscape.

“The applicants maintain that there are other similarly designed houses in the vicinity and have been approved by councillors in the past.

“Changes to the design have been discussed with the applicant’s agents and the applicants but no resolution could be reached and the applicants believe

that the house proposed is appropriate for the site and wish the application determined on this basis.”

He adds: “The principle of development on the site could be supported, albeit this is a borderline case in terms of new housing in the countryside.

“Notwithstanding this, it is recommended that the application be refused on design grounds given the suburban design of the house and the prominence of the rural site which would adversely impact upon the attractive rural landscape in Inverugie to a significant degree.”