New Hope trucks hit the road

editorial image

NEW Hope Trust picked up two new trucks recently, sporting a striking new livery.

The two trucks bear the trust’s logo on the sides and a message against sex traffiking on the tailgate and will be used to pick up goods from across the north-east area.

Trust developments and projects manager, Mark Morgan, told the Buchanie: “Our existing trucks were too old and the purchase of the two new vehicles proved to be far more economical than repairing the old models.

“They are also far more fuel efficient and will help us provide a better service to the community as they are more dependable allowing us to get to our destination on time,” he said.

Passell Signs from Aberdeen placed the new livery on the trucks, with Mr Morgan adding: “We wanted to get our name back on the road as we felt we had lost our identity a bit.

“Now we are promoting ourselves again and getting ourselves back in the public eye.”

The trucks have been on the road for the past four weeks and the first truck was only ten minutes old when it was filled with items bound for Moldova.