New Deer house plan approved

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BUCHAN councillors have approved plans for the erection of a house on land adjacent to Hareshowe of Ironside, New Deer, despite a recommendation to refuse.

Councillors granted the application from Mr and Mrs K. MacDonald of Hareshow of Ironside, when it went before members of the Buchan area committee on Tuesday.

The application has originally been deferred by committee to allow the applicant to submit additional supporting information on the need case for a second house at the site.

The applicant’s agent said that the house is required for an essential

worker on the farming operation at Hareshowe of Ironside.

In a report put before the committee, planning officer David MacLennan said: “The proposal is for a new house which the applicants submit is required as part of a farming business which operates at Hareshowe of Ironside.”

“Policy is such that housing is acceptable where it is required as

part of the running of a rural business if a full time presence is essential to that business.

“Since there is already a house within the farmholding located less than

200m north of the application site the applicants require to demonstrate that

the operations undertaken on site justify a second dwellinghouse on the site

for a second worker whose full time presence is essential to the efficient

operation of the business.

“In this case, a livestock farming business is appropriate to the countryside although the applicants have not demonstrated that the operations require the full time presence of two full-time workers on site.”

“In this regard the supporting statement does not show that the business

requires the full time presence of two workers on the site. Given that many of the operations involving suckler cows and calving are seasonal it is not

considered that a 0.05 requirement in terms of the man hours calculation is

sufficient to justify a second house within what is a relatively small

landholding at 31ha.”

“It has not been demonstrated that a second house is justified on either the agricultural operations or in terms of the snow clearing and as a result the application is recommended for refusal.”

However, Councillors backed the couple’s application despite recommendations to refuse.

Councillor Norman Smith said that development of the site was essential to enterprise in the countryside.

He said: “We should be encouraging people living in the countryside to diversify. I am quite happy to have this application approved because this new house is essential to enterprise.”

Councillor for Central Buchan Sandy Stronach said that setting up a farm and extending it as the farm grows was the “classic North-East way.”