New book from Fiona-Jane

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Following on from historian Dr Fiona-Jane Brown’s bestselling Hidden Aberdeen, Hidden Aberdeenshire: The Coast, is a brand new book that explores the rich history of the North-east’s windswept coast.

Did you know that Cruden Bay is so-named because of the Danish invasion of Scotland in AD 1012? The Scots yelled ‘Croij Dane’ as they beat the Danes, and scholars argue this is the Scots Gaelic origin of the bay’s name.

Or did you know about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s earlier career as a ship’s doctor for famous Peterhead whaling captain John Gray?

That experience even inspired a few of his pre-Sherlock Holmes stories.

There is also the fascinating story of Rattray, a fishing village whose inhabitants spent more time poaching and stealing from wrecked vessels than they did fishing!

Or a personal favourite of Dr Brown’s is the folk hero and murdered smuggler Philip Kennedy, cut down by an excise man while transporting Dutch gin.

Have you ever heard about Dick Ingram who earned a medal from King George VI for his heroic rescue of four sailors whose boat had been smashed against the treacherous rocks of Hackley Bay?

Hidden Aberdeenshire: The Coast, is a fascinating and entertaining collection of forgotten history and anecdotes from Scotland’s north-east.

Dr Brown began Hidden Aberdeen Tours as a response to the deep concern of locals about the increasing industrial and business development situation in the city.

Many of the stories she has researched affect her personally, as her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents have all inspired her to delve into the past of Aberdeenshire.

She is a strong believer in the ethos of oral history and feels her work is about giving people back their history by adding to and in some cases circumventing the more traditional views of history.

Hidden Aberdeenshire: The Coast, a hardback book is priced £9.99 and is available from as of Wednesday, June 4.