Neigh loneliness in New Deer school

Olivia, left, on Mr Jackson, and Yasmin, 9, on Jack Frost
Olivia, left, on Mr Jackson, and Yasmin, 9, on Jack Frost

Two girls from New Deer completed a sponsored horse ride on Monday, October 12 to raise money for a local school to buy a ‘buddy bench’.

Half-sisters Yasmin Tutal, 9, and Olivia Serrano, 17, managed to raise £220.

It was a ‘long day’ for the girls, who set off from New Deer car park at 12pm, and didn’t get back until 6.30pm.

The day was particularly poignant for Olivia, as it was her first significant horse ride since suffering an injury from falling off a horse.

As a result of a slew of operations, including needing a prosthetic ankle fitted, she missed two years of school.

She is now working hard at Mintlaw Academy towards her goal of becoming a vet.

The sibling’s mother, Louise Thomson, said she was proud of her daughters, commenting that ‘the community really supported us’ and told the Buchanie how Yasmin went out to the whole village for sponsors.

The money was raised to help purchase a ‘buddy bench’ for New Deer school.

A buddy bench is seating on the school grounds aimed at eliminating loneliness; if a child was sitting on it, that would act as an invitation for others to make friends.