Mysterious item spotted in the Peterhead skies

Photo taken by Malcolm Campbell
Photo taken by Malcolm Campbell

A Peterhead resident has told of his shock after spotting an “indescribable” object in the Blue Toon skies.

Malcolm Campbell spoke to the Buchanie about the unusual sight, he said: “I was lying on my sofa watching a film on the television and all of a sudden there was a really bright light and it was so bright I couldn’t see the tv screen.

“There is a street with speed bumps facing me so when it is dark I am used to seeing car headlights jumping up and down but this was something else.”

Malcolm spotted the unusual object on Monday, August 11 at around half past 10 at night and quickly asked if anyone else saw it as he explained: “I posted the picture I took on Facebook and asked my friends if they had seen anything unusual.

“I also asked my neighbours but they all go to bed early so they slept through it.”

He added: “There was no noise and it was such a strong light, I’ve never seen anything like it.

“I’m used to seeing helicopters and planes but nothing like this.”

Malcolm phoned the police as he explained: “They asked if I had been drinking or had taken any drugs and I told them no because I don’t do anything like that.

“They then told me that there were no police searches on that night so they couldn’t help or explain what it was.”

Malcolm added: “I don’t believe in aliens or UFOs but once you see something with your own eyes you can’t explain, you wonder what it is.”