MSP seeks swift resolution in BrewDog land valuation stand-off

Ms Martin says the allegations made by BrewDog are very worrying.
Ms Martin says the allegations made by BrewDog are very worrying.

Aberdeenshire East MSP is seeking a resolution to a disagreement on land value between Aberdeenshire Council and BrewDog following the publication of statement by the brewing company on its website.

BrewDog alleges that Aberdeenshire Council has valued the land near Ellon’s Balmacassie Industrial Estate at £300,000 per Hectare, while the brewer insists the land is worth only £5,000 per Hectare.

Aberdeenshire Council released a statement in response to BrewDog’s claims which expressed ‘disappointment’ at the company’s decision to go public about ongoing negotiations.

Commenting, Ms Martin, a member of the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work committee at Holyrood, said: “The allegations made by BrewDog today are very worrying. I have personally worked with BrewDog on other expansion issues they had to resolve in order to facilitate their continued presence in Ellon and encourage them to grow.

“There is no doubt about it, Ellon is extremely proud of its association with one of Scotland’s most famous food and drink brands, and we want to see them continue to provide employment to the area as they grow.

“I have today written to Aberdeenshire Council to get more detail from their perspective on the commentary BrewDog have made on their website today and I know my MP colleague Alex Salmond and Councillor Richard Thomson are doing the same.”