Motorists urged to drive safely at club

Councillor Dianne Beagrie with Martin Johnston of Peterhead FC
Councillor Dianne Beagrie with Martin Johnston of Peterhead FC

Three speed bumps have been installed outside Balmoor Stadium in a bid to make the area safer.

General Manager at Peterhead Football Club, Martin Johnston felt something needed to be done as he was concerned about safety in the area.

Martin explained: “Given that I have personally witnessed a number of near misses involving speeding cars and children in the area between the main entrance to Balmoor Stadium and the astro pitch, I felt compelled to try and action some form of traffic calming.

“Thanks to the efforts of councillor Diane Beagrie this was prioritised and our efforts are here for all to see.

“However, as witnessed at a recent school sports day at Catto Park, there is still an area of concern where motorists are driving irresponsibly.

“Staff and customers of Peterhead FC are being encouraged to reverse park as an additional safety measure with plans for signage to be installed accordingly.”

Martin added: “The speed that some motorists drive at in the car park when there are a high number of pedestrians horifies me. I would appeal to all motorists to drive resposibly.”

“Some motorists are still hitting the speed bumps at speed causing their vehicles to bounce. This is really irresponsible and apart from the possibility of having and accident they run the high risk of damaging their vehicles.

“The message is simple, please slow down.”

Councillor Dianne Beagrie added: “I was delighted to work with Peterhead Football Club and Aberdeenshire Council for the traffic calming measures at the all weather pitch car park.

“I will be pushing to have another one installed further down the car park.

“We need to put the safety of children first.”