Motorist caught doing 96mph on section of AWPR

A Police presence will continue for the foreseeable future on the AWPR
A Police presence will continue for the foreseeable future on the AWPR

Police say they "extremely disappointed" by the actions of some drivers using newly-opened sections of the AWPR.

Officers patrolling the new section of the A90 between Balmedie to Tipperty and the already open section of the AWPR from Blackdog to Dyce detected ten motorists speeding on Wednesday.

Among them was a 31-year-old man who was allegedly travelling at 96 miles per hour between Blackdog and Dyce.

Most of the drivers were issued with a fixed penalty of three points on their licence and a £100 fine, with those travelling at higher speeds being reported to the courts.

Road Policing Inspector Steve Manson said: "Motorists on the road this morning will have noticed an increased Police presence and this will continue for the foreseeable future, with officers using both marked and unmarked vehicles.

"Road Policing officers will continue to carry out dedicated patrols as further sections of the AWPR open.

"It is extremely disappointing that drivers using the new section of road were already travelling well in excess of the speed limit which is 70mph for cars.

"This speed limit is not a target and motorists must adjust their driving to the conditions. A slight increase in speed can result in very serious consequences so I would urge people to be mindful of the speed they are travelling at.

"If the road is wet and visibility poor - slow down. The road layout is new and it will take some people time to work out the accesses on or off so I would urge motorists to drive with extra care."