Mother’s anger as flat affected by mould

Mould in Rebecca Cahoon's home
Mould in Rebecca Cahoon's home

A Peterhead mother has hit out at Tenents First Housing for not attending to her mould affected home.

Rebecca Cahoon, who lives at Pitfour Court, has also voiced concerns that the mould is having an impact on her young daughter’s health.

Speaking to the Buchanie, Rebecca said: “I’ve lived here for two years and there has always been mould.

“I first noticed a small bit in my daughter’s bedroom but I was told I had to sort it myself.

“After a few months it got worse and spread to her furniture and clothes.”

She added: “I’ve been fighting this for over a year and I’m tired and don’t know what to do.

“My daughter Lexie is constantly ill and is now regularly sick and can’t sleep in her own room anymore.

“I had to chuck out a heap of clothes because they were covered in mould.

“If I had to move I wouldn’t be able to take anything with me because everything is ruined.”

Tenents First Housing is part of Sanctuary in Scotland and director Gordon Laurie said: “We are sorry Ms Cahoon has been inconvenienced and have taken steps to address the issues at her home.

“On the advice of an independent specialist we are about to install moisture resistant boarding in her bathroom, having already installed a ventilation system and an extractor fan.

“The boarding work is due to be completed by 10 June. We expect this boarding to resolve the issues faced by Ms Cahoon if she uses her ventilation system as advised.”