More digging to be done at Old Deer

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OLD Deer will be the focus of another archaeological dig next week.

Murray Archaeological Services will be supervising excavataions in the village from Tuesday to Thursday.

Then on the Friday local schoolchildren will be field walking just outside the village.

Local historian Derek Jennings has again worked hard to ensure that things will go smoothly, and in particular, that the children will enjoy the experience .

The digs have come under the umbrella of the Book of Deer Project which was proud to have been featured in the Great British Story series on BBC 2, which gave the project widespread exposure to its efforts.

More recently at one of its regular meeting, the project was given a very interesting talk by Rev Sheila Kirk on ‘How a Lawyer looks at the Book of Deer’. She went to the very heart of why the Gaelic Notes in the manuscript had been put there as a record of the lands, dues and privileges afforded to the monks over the centuries, and why it was important that it should have been done.

Even the experienced and conscientious attendees at previous talks, seminars and conferences were surprised and thrilled by the insights she provided.

Meanwhile, Andrew Kellock of the Book fo Deer Project says despite the bad weather and the reduced opening hours of the Heritage Museum at Aden, the group is heading for a successful season.

He told the Buchanie: “In addition to our advertised opening times, we have managed to have it open during events in Aden Park and also on request .

“It is inevitable that numbers will be down because of the weather and shorter season, but volunteers have reported favourably on the interest shown by those who visit.”

He said the new interpretation board in particular had been on display and had attracted interest as has the ‘resident brother’ who kept volunteers company when things were not so busy!

Andrew revealed: “There have been 4,924 visits to the website in the past year. We have a new system for analysing the figures and it shows that most of our visitors are based in the U.S.A.”

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