Meethill cabin to be torn down after blaze

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The treasurer of the Peterhead Gaming Club has said that members are ‘gutted’ that their meeting place has to be demolished after a fire.

A mystery blaze broke out at the clubhouse, off Meethill Road, on the evening of Wednesday, November 13, and did thousands of pounds worth of damage to hobby models within.

The Meethill cabin may have to be torn down after a serious blaze.

The Meethill cabin may have to be torn down after a serious blaze.

A 23-year-old man who was inside the portable cabin when the fire started was hospitalised with smoke inhalation.

The man has now been discharged and the site fenced off.

Club treasurer Irvine Buchan, 39, said: “We’re gutted with what’s happened.

“We’ve come back from umpteen break ins but the police and the fire service have said that it is beyond repair.

“The cabin’s been condemned. The damage had been done already with the break ins.

“Now we don’t have a venue. The council’s trying to find us alternative premises.”

Mr Irvine has suggested that in the mean time, club members may have to travel as far as Fraserburgh or Aberdeen to take part in wargames.

The keys to the cabin have yet to be returned to the club members as police continue a joint investigation into the blaze with the fire service.

The hut, owned by Aberdeenshire Council, was used up to three times each week for role-playing wargames like Warhammer 40,000.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Service for Planning and Buildings Standards, Robert Gray, said: “We can confirm that the temporary building in the grounds of Dales Park in Peterhead has suffered severe damage due to the fire last week.

“The temporary building will be demolished when a contractor has been appointed.

Model collectors who stored their prized possessions in the cabin have lost models with huge sentimental value.

Club chairman George Mennie, 40, lost £2,500 worth model collectable models.

The blaze began at around 9.30pm on the Wednesday night and fire fighters from Maud, Fraserburgh and Peterhead were rushed to the scene.

In the past the clubhouse has been subject to repeated acts of vandalism.

In early 2010 vandals destroyed models, smashed windows and sprayed graffiti on the walls.

A spokesman said the fire service do not comment on joint investigations with the police.