Markers show some extent of the problem

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Following last week’s article on dog mess Buchanie reader Alex Geddes decided to find out the extent of the problem for himself.

Mr Geddes, who lives in Buchanhaven, placed markers at the spot of each pile of dog poo whileon a walk along the promenade at the Ugie beach.

The photo was taken in the short part on the prom in front of Churchill Drive and he put a staggering 75 flag markers on just that section.

He told the Buchanie: “I ran out of markrs for the rest of the section, and I only went in four feet from the edge of the prom!

“To be honest and as a ball park figure, I could have trebled the amount of flags to cover the whole section. Each white flag represents one area of dog mess, but included in that section may be three of four separate desposits, so even this does not fully demonstrate the level of abuse of the system,” he said.

“I hope this helps to demonstrate how bad things are. As an aside, while doing this, I met a family who were out with their blind relative who said he could easily walk the prom himself with his guide dog, however they were frightened to let him do so for fear of stepping on dog mess. It was too bad there to chance things. In my opinion it’s a disgrace that this has to happen,” he added.